Apr. 12, 2024 | Oswego County FCU Launches ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Product


Oswego County Federal Credit Union (OCFCU), a credit union serving over 13,000 members in Oswego County, announced that it has added “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) to its suite of online banking products.

OCFCU has partnered with equipifi, a BNPL platform tailored for debit card issuers, to enhance its offerings. Through OCFCU’s BNPL solution, members will receive personalized offers tailored to their financial well-being on eligible debit card transactions. Members can swiftly view and accept these offers within seconds. Eligible purchases, defined as debit card transactions of at least $100 made within the last 60 days, excluding cash or cash-equivalent transactions (such as ATM withdrawals, money orders, or cash advances), qualify for the BNPL program.

“BNPL is a payment preference that our members not only increasingly use but also expect as part of their financial experience,” said Bill Carhart, CEO of Oswego County Federal Credit Union. “Equipifi’s BNPL platform allows us to embed this intuitive solution within our existing banking experience to meet our members where they are.”

To utilize the BNPL product, members can make purchases with their debit card and check “buy now, pay later” in their online banking to view available BNPL offers on eligible purchases. They can then decide which purchases to split over time, select the appropriate installment plan, and receive their purchase amount deposited back into their account within 24 hours.

“BNPL is a payment method that grew from next-gen engagement and is now seeing adoption across all demographics,” shared Bryce Deeney, CEO and co-founder of equipifi. “Consumers prefer receiving it from their trusted financial institution, and Oswego County FCU is rolling out BNPL as a long-term commitment to their members and their evolving payment preferences.”

For more information about OCFCU’s  buy now, pay later product, visit www.oswegofcu.org/member-programs/buy-now-pay-later.