Elevate your debit card

BNPL is a must-have debit card feature. In 2023, Affirm's debit card saw 75K new accounts created monthly and Chase launched its own debit BNPL. 

Consumers are willing to swap their top-of-wallet payment method for a card that better serves their needs. Don't let this happen to you.


Consumers prefer debit card BNPL because it's...

Usable Anywhere

Unlike 3rd-party BNPL, debit card BNPL is merchant agnostic - it can be used when shopping in-store or online.

Not Credit Card

Nearly 50% of BNPL users prefer installment over credit cards due to its more reasonable repayment terms and often lower interest rates. 

Easier to Budget

BNPL users find it easier to prevent overspending when loans are tied to a specific transaction, particularly when you compare it to credit card spending.

Competitive Rates

Card issuers can offer competitive interest rates on their BNPL offers when compared to other providers.


Not your parents' debit card anymore

Unlocking BNPL with equipifi directly enhances your existing debit card. Your cardholders will immediately be able to view and accept BNPL offers on their eligible debit card transactions.

No new application. No new download. It's time to tell everyone that their same debit card just got a lot better. 

Up to 90% of revenue for 3rd-party BNPL come from return users... 

With 3rd-party BNPL providers releasing their own debit cards, financial institutions risk losing a highly engaged and profitable demographic from their user base.

Elevating your debit card with equipifi BNPL


Become the preferred way to pay

Consumers are choosing BNPL over credit cards as a payment method and 70% of BNPL users would prefer the solution from their trusted financial institution. Your debit cards could be the answer.


Drive usage & loyalty

Did you know that consumers are more likely to complete a purchase or choose a payment method if BNPL is available? Increase usage and make your debit cards stickier with your own BNPL solution.



Retain top-of-wallet status

BNPL is becoming a staple debit card feature. Launch debit card BNPL before your competitors do to protect and even grow wallet share.

Join us in unlocking BNPL for millions of checking accounts today