THE EXPERIENCESupercharging your debit cards with BNPL

Launch split payments on your online banking with the power of a fintech

Consumer expectations for debit cards are changing, and it’s being driven by BNPL.

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How does debit card BNPL work?

Consumer makes a qualifying purchase

With BNPL enabled, your cardholders can continue making purchases with their existing debit cards. Set eligibility parameters that determine which transactions can be paid for over time.

When cardholders make an eligible purchase, they are presented a pre-approved BNPL offer in on their online banking. equipifi is integrated with most major digital banking platforms.

Cardholders can view and accept their BNPL offers in their online banking. BNPL offers always reflect cardholders’ current account status. equipifi is integrated with most major banking cores.

Already connected with their existing checking account, equipifi BNPL automatically deposits purchase amount into the cardholder's checking account upon loan acceptance.

Based on loan terms, installment payments are withdrawn periodically from the cardholders’ checking account, and their loan health is calculated into future BNPL offers.


Take a closer lookThis is Bank BNPL with the power of a fintech



Personalized BNPL offers based on real time data

  • Analyze real time account and transaction data by connecting with your banking core
  • Customize your parameters for cardholder eligibility, transaction qualification, land loan terms
  • Provide high quality BNPL loans that align with cardholder goals

Applicationless lending based on smart decisioning

  • No cardholder uncertainty. Present 100% prequalified BNPL offers ready to be viewed and accepted
  • equipifi’s decision engine continuously generates BNPL loans within the parameters that you have set
  • Offer a refreshingly simple user experience that takes less than 30 seconds to complete

Always-on platform with automated workflows

  • Activate BNPL for debit cardholders in their trusted banking app
  • Automatically assess the latest debit card transactions for BNPL eligibility
  • Notify cardholders whenever new BNPL offers become available

core integrated

Continuous assessment through bidirectional sync

Automatically sync accepted loans back to the banking core

Re-generate prequalified BNPL offers based on updates in account and repayment status

Always provide the most up-to-date picture on cardholder financial health and spending power



Give your cardholders an easy way to experience your BNPL solution



Keep your debit cards top of wallet for every consumer

Consumers increasingly prefer the payment option that helps them stretch their budget. Particularly if that financial flexibility is short term and without the pressure of traditional credit and loan products.

Give your cardholders a reason to choose your debit card at checkout every time.


Drive growth in engagement, deposits, and accounts

89% of BNPL loan repayments to third-party providers are made on the debit card. These same providers are expanding to offer debit products of their own.

Keep cashflow and engagement in house with your debit BNPL solution, and leverage it as an opportunity to grow revenue and attract new accounts.

Join us in unlocking BNPL for millions of checking accounts today