Grow deposit relationships

Consumer preference for BNPL as a payment method has skyrocketed. Now, anyone who provides it gains a lever to influence consumer behavior.

For debit card issuers, offering BNPL is a strategy to attract and retain accounts, as well as cultivate stronger deposit relationships.


Leverage BNPL for growing deposits through...

Offering Incentives

Promote introductory offers at low to no interest rates to encourage more deposits from account holders.

Loan Strategies

Design an underwriting strategy with parameters that positively impact deposit relationships.

New Cardholders

Educate debit cardholders on how setting up direct deposit can improve their BNPL experience when they activate their card. 

Growth Marketing

Are you one of the first to offer BNPL in your geography? Attract future cardholders excited for a BNPL solution they can trust.


If you build it, they will come.

equipifi's BNPL platform lets you easily configure your underwriting and program parameters, giving you the kind of agility needed to learn and grow.

Offering incentives? Running a promo? Help your cardholders get the most out of your BNPL solution, and their relationship with you.

28% of consumers are willing to leave their FI for a better digital experience...

And they could be coming to yours. Today, 55% of Gen Z use BNPL while only making up 4% of credit union membership. Are you ready to meet their preference?

Growing deposits with equipifi BNPL


Strategize for acquisition

Deposit growth is a common objective for debit card issuers when launching BNPL. Chat with equipfi's GTM team to see what acquisition strategy is best for you. 


Optimize BNPL offer settings

The equipifi platform provides customizable parameters to support any growth strategy. Reach out to your equipifi account manager to review your settings.



Design campaigns that attract 

You now offer America's most preferred payment method. How are you going to showcase your BNPL solution to deepen engagement with existing cardholders and attract new accounts?

Join us in unlocking BNPL for millions of checking accounts today