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equipifi collaborates with Jack Henry to unlock Buy Now, Pay Later from banks and credit unions
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Buy Now, Pay Later
by financial institutions

Powering banks and credit unions for the next generation of consumers



A future where financial institutions are the leading providers of BNPL

equipifi’s white label solution integrates with banks and credit unions to curate offers that consumers can view, accept, and manage through their existing banking apps. By offering BNPL, financial institutions enable their debit cardholders to pay for purchases in a way that aligns with their financial goals. 


More transparent

Greater clarity for consumers managing their BNPL loans


More aligned

Pre-approved BNPL offers tailored for consumers and their financial goals


More flexible

Expanded use cases and more qualifying purchases for BNPL

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More satisfying

Fast and refreshingly simple, with everything on one platform

A single source for consumers to access flexible financing on everyday purchases from their primary financial institution. 


Grow engagement and market share by staying top of wallet

  • Flexible payment options that younger generations love
  • Stay engaged with cardholders making everyday purchases
  • Refreshingly simple user experience on your banking app
  • New market opportunities to grow interchange and interest
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Gain financial flexibility through BNPL from the bank you trust  

  • Pay for your purchases in a way that works for you
  • Receive offers aligned with your financial goals
  • Use BNPL for planned and unexpected purchases
  • Access all things BNPL through your existing debit card and banking app


Why equipifi?

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Core integrations enable higher quality BNPL loan offers for more types of purchases

equipifi syncs with core providers to better determine BNPL offer eligibility. 

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Mobile banking integration incorporates BNPL into the overall cardholder experience

Cardholders can view, accept, and manage BNPL plans without leaving their banking app.

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Eligible purchases made on existing debit cards are used to unlock new BNPL offers

Cardholders can access BNPL without changing how they bank and how they shop.

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BNPL drives increased interchange and net new interest income within your debit card portfolio

equipifi opens up a greater volume and variety of revenue streams for your financial institution.



An open ecosystem for a supercharged BNPL solution

equipifi partners with a network of core providers, mobile banking systems, fintechs, and consulting services to power financial institutions with the most advanced BNPL solutions for their cardholders. 

Is your financial institution ready for buy now pay later?