May. 23, 2022 | BNPL equipifi Raises $12M in Series A Funding to Add BNPL to Banks and Credit Unions


I sit here this morning grateful, thrilled, and humbled to announce that equipifi has completed our $12 Million Series A, led by Curql Collective via Curql Fund and PHX Ventures. 

Only a year ago, I was talking with my co-founders, Arthur Miller and Bill Simmons, about this idea that Buy Now, Pay Later could be more powerful, satisfying, and aligned with consumers’ financial goals when offered by banks and credit unions; their trusted financial institution. Fast forward to today, what had started as a whiteboard concept has turned into a team, a seed round, lots of hard work and sleepless nights, and this new milestone. equipifi has our first seven customers, a robust and growing pipeline, and a product roadmap to expand BNPL beyond the disconnects and limitations that consumers experience today. 

This funding will enable us to continue equipping banks and credit unions with the most advanced BNPL solutions for their cardholders. After spending over a decade in the payments space and watching the growing trends in BNPL, it became clear to me that financial institutions will be the leaders in the future of flexible payments. Consumers want BNPL solutions from financial institutions they already trust. By adding BNPL to their solution suite, banks and credit unions can provide this in the banking app their cardholders already use.

This milestone is possible because of our incredible investors, team, and customers. In addition to Curql Collective and PHX Ventures, I’d also like to thank Newstack Ventures, SixThirty Ventures, Rise of the Rest, SaaS Ventures, Baleon Capital, and several notable angel investors including Hamid Shojaee and Atomic CEO Jordan Wright. Thank you for believing in us as well as a future where cardholders have access to financing options that are flexible, transparent, satisfying, and in alignment with their goals.

To our financial institution and integration partners, thank you for trusting us and for working with us to deliver the best product for your customers. Thank you for caring for the financial health of the people you serve. We can’t wait to see what we can achieve for your cardholders and your institution together. 

This journey has also been so much more fulfilling because of the talented and passionate equipifi team. It takes a village, and our team has grown from three to twenty-one full time employees over the last nine months. Every member has been critical to our success to date. I’m grateful everyday that we get to do this together. Today is for all of us.